Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PM Karma Link Exchange Initiative

Dear Readers,
  At the outset , let me thank each and every one of you for your support and inspiration. My vision while launching this blog was to share the bits and pieces of knowledge which I have gained from my Project Management profession and through reading and acquire additional knowledge by collaborating with other PM bloggers.
  I also aimed at forming a community of people who are interested and believe in the 'Value' of project management. It will be my all time effort to expand this community by 'Linking to' and 'Linked by' other PM bloggers.
Its my pleasure to roll out the 'PM Karma Link Exchange Initiative' today

How to Link?
Its easy, if you have a website or blog. You may add 'PM Karma' Some where under your menu structure (Example: "Favourite Blogs", "Links", "Blog Roll" ..etc)  
You may find some of the fellow bloggers have already linked their blog with mine.
(Also check out the PM Karma Community initiative here )
 Once you become the PM Karma community member , you may use the PMKC logo on your site which link to http://pmkarma.blogspot.com/
Requesting PM bloggers to make this initiative a grand success by providing PM Karma link in your blog.

Thank you,


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    Jason Edleman

    You are linked on my site.


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