Friday, February 27, 2009

Being Busy

"Sreejith , are you busy now?"
"Oh no, never, go on"
This was used to be typical communication pattern in my life....
Well, things got changed in last few months... I broke my wow to my friends of not saying "I'm Busy!"
I must confess that I have told many people that "Oh god I'm busy like hell!" last few weeks.
Being readers of PMK , you might have observed that last 2 months were the period when I was least active in blogsphere!
My view on being busy and working overtime is :
  1. You are highly unproductive
  2. There is some serious resource deficiency in your company/department
Even if you beat me to death I wont agree that I am unproductive in my work ;)
So the second one is the only left out option .. and its true.
Business scenario can change dramatically at any time. You may win new contracts or venture into new business avenues. Recruiting right talent for the new assignments may take months. Apart from the responsibilities of setting up systems and managing learning curve , managers may have to take up some additional load to make up the resource deficiency.... well read it as "rolling up sleeves and taking shovel by oneself " ;)
Dont take this note as a notion that I got free from the seasonal load and  back to usual stuff. I anticipate couple of hard months ahead.
I have lots of pending commitments including few software review and magazine articles.
I have also found few people mailing me asking for detailing some of the techniques detailed in various articles. I request all of them to discuss such things in the "Comment" section , so that others also will benifit from the same. I really dont have time for 1-to-1 consultancy. You may also catch  me up on ""
Promising all my readers that I will come back soon with some interesting articles.
Till then , signing off!