Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Project Management in Times of Crisis

I was honored when I received an invitation from ICFAI University Press to write an article for their prestigious magazine "Projects & Profits". Even though many of my articles are getting published electronically, I was thrilled to see me in print.(I think the last time I was on print was in the final year college magazine!!)
I managed to write a small article by squeezing out some time from this relatively busier period of life (Strangely or unusually I got busy all of a sudden ... well just being busy for a change!).I dont know whether this article will add any value to you , but I am just posting the link here. You can risk reading it !
(I thank the editorial board for the appreciation letter and invitation for writing articles for future editions.)
ICFAI University is a part of The Association of Commonwealth Universities, UK & European Foundation for Management Development,Belgium
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  1. Well constructed article.
    I liked and agree with your summarization
    "The project management tactics in
    crisis is nothing but being more
    organized and productive"



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