Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to PM Karma!

Dear fellow project managers!
Welcome to 'PM Karma'.
PM Karma is short form of 'Project Management Karma'.
'Karma' is a Sanskrit (Ancient Indian language and the first ever language on earth) word , which means 'Deed'.
Since we all being wedded to the profession of project management , our basic 'Karma' is nothing but manage the projects assigned to us in the most professional and productive manner , delivering maximum benefits to the stake holders.
In this forum , I want to share my knowledge areas related to project management and specifically regarding my interest area 'Project planning, monitoring and control'
This blog is going to benefit all those who are associated with project management or even general business management. Today's organisations are getting transformed to 'Project centric' of 'projectised' from being 'Functional Oriented' .Project centric organisations are found to be more effective in delivering business goals with in the specified time limit and budget , than 'Functional Oriented' organisations which rely up on the traditional 'functional path' or 'Organograms'.
We wont be discussing anything which you can easily find in other online resources or books. I hate 'inventing the wheel again' ! How ever I will refer to the PM standards and practices followed world wide.
I am more focussed on discussing 'Industry Oriented' , 'Real life applications' and 'Commonly followed practices'.
Over the years I have found people discussing big 'Fundas' , but never used them atleast once in their lives !
So all the theory we mugged in the university or Project Management seminars , wont be practically used 'as such' .. but we will always use lighter or customised versions of such practices in our daily business operations.

So welcome to a whole new 'Practical oriented' PM blogging ..
Enjoy your stay and keep visiting !


Sreejith Kesavan


  1. Da.
    The blog is Excellent.....Let me read through it and will let you know the suggestions!!!

    I was just running through the lines.....I have a small objection.....
    You have put HSE as last functional department but as you know It has to be given first priority....and planning dept has a big role in ensuring an efficient HSE stats in a project....U can refer CDM 1994regulations (BS standards)for detail for the scope of planning dept.

  2. Thank you Aniesh !
    Well, the functional departments are not arranged in any specific order. All of them are important.
    Actually this blog is dedicated to Project Managers form all disciplines . In software and marketing projects , HSE is not that important, right?

    How ever in construction projects, HSE is prime since , good HSE practices ensure smooth flow of work and boost employee morale.

    Anyway thanx for the comments.

    I am looking forward for suggestions / requests as well.


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