Thursday, January 15, 2009

Aftermath of global recession hype

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Is recession conveyed by the media is on its right size? People are still debating over it. Some people feel its about right and some feel its exaggerated.

But one doubt is still haunting me. Is there exploitation happening globally taking advantage of the “Recession” buzzword? I feel it's true.

It was not only the banks who met bankruptcy responsible for the huge unemployment generated worldwide, recently. Almost every sector is cutting down their staff.

It is a true fact that companies increase their manpower while they perform well. The increases in the manpower usually lower the work load of the employees and even create some idle / low-productive labour. A significant percentage of the additional recruitments done in past few years in large corporations are mainly to meet future business demands , for establishing systems par with global standards and contingency.

I think CEO’s are using this time for self examination of the organization. They have come out of the ‘feel good’ environment. Now the focus is on cost cutting and productivity improvement. They are raiding each and every square inch of their organisations for idle and unproductive labour. This is the "Flush out hour” ! If you are out of the job in this so called ‘recession’, understand that a ‘credit crunch’ resulted from the inability of some banking majors to repay their customers is not the reason for your job loss. It’s the ‘Organisational Restructuring Time’! CEO’s are sitting back and thinking about lean production models and all are arming themselves to reap the best results of ‘SEVERE COMMODITY CRUNCH’ which is going to emerge somewhere in the middle of 2010 !

I think I am talking sense. Did we all stopped going out? Are we not eating as much as we did last year? Aren’t we gonna purchase good cloths for our kids? Aren’t you gonna go for a vacation or a party? No , we have not changed .. as much its hyped.. but we got scared ..with some fear which don’t have any substantial back up. We are going to live the same way once we come out of this silly fear.

Oil producing countries have cut down production and delayed further expansion plans. All industry sectors reduced production. Real estate has moved to a slow pace.

Yes, we all need a break. A pause to think and re-examine ourselves, our goals and targets.

The entire world is doing that … and some people are exploiting that as well!

HR departments in all organisations will now have a good excuse for not giving you a salary hike or even a New Year bonus! They may ask you “How dare you ask for a hike when you know the whole world is going under a recession” . The poor you may think “But where all the money has gone???” When some one loses, somebody else should gain! That is the logic of universe. Now the banks have a reason for non payment of the investment to the investors and also for sacking employees. It’s always the common man who suffers at the end! Huge accounting scandals happen all the time. If you steal 10 dollar, you are a thief and if you steal 1 billion, you are genius (or a corporate business guru) !

Rules of the world are strange!


The common man, who lost his salary increment or even his job, may suffer again in 2010. Heavy production cuts are soon to build up a situation where there is shortage of essential stuff. This will obviously boost inflation – read ‘high cost of living!’.

“If you plug the canal, it will burst on your face one day… just like cannon!”

Are you prepared to face the ‘Commodity Crunch’ after the ‘Credit Crunch Season’? ... If not better be!


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