Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back to Firefox !

For a change, lets discuss something different from Project Management.
A browser is something which is integral part of my daily life. 80% of the time which I spent on computer was nothing but using browser. Till 2006 , I was dedicated user of IE. For very short period I have tried Netscape & Opera but went back to IE. Like many other, what attracted me towards Firefox was its tabbed browsing feature. I used to have 10- 20 windows open simultaneously and it was crowding the task bar. Tabbed browsing was available in many amateur browser projects (VB6 code projects) and I quite liked it! Through out 2007 and till middle of 2008 I stuck to to Firefox.
Glaze & Blaze of Chrome!
I am a hardcore fan of Google products. Always their products carry an USP, technical and/or user interface.
I started using Google Chrome since the day it was available to download. I have personally tested it against Firefox for speed and it was found much faster , indeed! Speed & simple interface of chrome (Especially ,I liked those webpage thumbnails in the the start up). How ever , I started facing technical problems with many websites (Many of them were my regular sites - opened at least once in a day!). After few months of dedicated Chrome use, I started using Firefox parallel for sites which were not properly displayed by Chrome.Chrome was surprisingly lacking the 'Autofill' facility- a must for regular users. As time passed, I found it difficult to maintain 2 browsers, and started feeling my immense love to Firefox again!

So, I am back to Firefox and I am happy !

Chrome reminds me a 'thin glass panel' and it feels me like some girlfriend who was in my life for a short period ;) . Well, I shouldnt be talking about her since I am back with my old GF !!


  1. Hi Sreejith,

    There is hope for Firefox - the next release (3.1?) is said to be somewhat faster. Even so, Firefox is truly a wonderful thing.

    Best to you for 2009!

  2. Alec:
    Many thanks for your wishes.
    I also wish you a great year ahead!

    Firefox is truly community/ collaborative effort and this ensures better performance (than any other browsers) for the widest variety of scripts & platforms.



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