Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bidding adieu to another year…

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We are on the last day of 2008.
Nobody can change past, but past gives knowledge which we call ‘experience’.  The call of New Year at the door makes us to think about our experiences in the year just going to expire. Success and failures, happy moments and sad ones… every one has something to say about the year passed… and every one has got some expectations from the year which is standing at their door step.

Learn form success & failures... believe that it was all for good.. make some ‘bullet’ points for the next year… these ‘bullets’ are gems of hope, which keep us ticking. We have wish lists, things which oneself has to do and things which the world shall do for us.

I wish if I could…
•    Wake up a bit early every day
•    Look after my health in a better way and regain my trim physique which I lost a year back!
•    Reduce internet usage by 50%
•    Improve book reading and clear backlog
•    Attend and succeed in all the certifications which I planned for 2009
•    Keep all my friends at least as close as I kept them last year
•    Do some touring which I missed in 2008
•    Find a life partner!

When I look at this list … I feel like some of the items in the wish list appeared in last year also!

I wish if others could…
•    Stop bullying
•    Stop killing
•    Stop being destructive
•    Start being less selfish
•    Start smiling from heart
•    Love unconditionally, for a change!

Last year was professionally good for me. But I missed my home country, my friends, all the partying we had and touring.

I felt lonelier last year because I had plenty of time and no friends (geographical issue! ;)! I felt richer last year because of fallen rupee (better exchange rate!). I felt older than any other year because of the weight I have put on me and the new spectacles!

If you are reading this… and if you feel that this blog has something to keep you linger around for few minutes, then say cheers to year 2008 – the year when I pushed myself to start writing here!

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